Meet Shamala Tan

Hey, how are you? Have a seat and come hang out with me 🙂

My name is Shamala Tan, and I am a holistic health coach aka modern medicine woman. Yes I’m really a medicine woman for the modern world.

Why do I do what I do?

I believe that everyone should have an empowered choice when it comes to health. And to be used as guinea pigs or exploited by big corporations because you want to get better physically, emotionally, mentally or even spiritually is just not right.

I have been a healer for about 15 years now. I started from being an energy healer to being a psychic self defense teacher, teaching people how to manage toxic energies without themselves, their homes and their immediate surroundings. Currently, I am also working with the cutting edge Young Living Essential Oils as nutritional supplement to assist my clients, and the results have been quite mindblowing! I love the combination of plant medicine, energy medicine and clearing work. It allows my clients to really feel a difference in their energy field, they are healthier and some of my clients have even managed to get off their meds completely….which is a step forward for healthcare.

I believe in healthcare rather than sickcare…..and it is where my passion lies.

If you are interested to know why and how I became a healer, read on….if not, just click on the Blog Tab above and read all about the fun things I do and experience as a healer 😉

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Loving Vibes,
Shamala 🙂

P.S. Below is more info about me, and how I went from an addict to a coach!

My Story

bsar pagePrior to being a spiritual teacher, I was highly dependent on alcohol. You can read about the story in my chapter in the book Pebbles In The Pond, where other contributors to the book include New York Best Sellers such as Robert G Allen, Marci Shimoff, Arielle Ford and many others share their stories too. Check it out HERE…

Business Coach

I was also a business coach for two years for small businesses namely those in the Holistic Health field, my website was Be Spiritual And Rich.

I have been very fortunate to have met some really talented and gifted practitioners and helping them to grow their business has been an honour for me and I thoroughly enjoyed my time with them.

Back To First Love

Now, I am back to doing what I loved when I first started my journey back to health — healing and health care. Working with animals was also something I did a lot during the years of 2000-2002. I did animal inter-communication, healing work on animals and so on. And now I am very fortunate to be able to incorporate it back into my life.

Now that I am a mother and having experienced many healing modalities and Young Living’s natural medicine for my child, I am a firm believer of the products. As a single parent, it is so important to keep myself and my daughter healthy and we have been so successful with Young Living oils that my daughter has never had anti-biotics in her life! And so in 2012 I decided to incorporate Young Living and its range of products fully into my practice, with no regrets whatsoever.


Other Achievements:

Giving birth to my daughter without painkillers and drugs even though it was 3 days of labour
Completed a full marathon 42km
Completed other 21km and 10km races
Released addictive habits such as smoking, drinking etc

  • Salim Refaat Saab

    What is an effective medicine for me to quit smoking ??? Thank you …

    • The most effective is to stop buying and to stop smoking 🙂 The medicine of self discipline and self empowerment.

  • Suzanne

    Just found this site – very interesting content. Thank you :-).

  • Jenny Brown

    Hi. I just found you through face book. Going through a huge transformation. And your quotes speak to me. And have helped today. I look forward to learning more. Thank you!

    • welcome to the site….wishing you all the best Jenny.
      Take care during this holiday season.
      Peace & Love,